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MUS Quaida and 7 Books for 5-16 years old. Available in soft and hard copy.

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Welcome to ‘MUS Madressah Portal’

MUS Madressah Portal is a complete digital management system for students, parents, teachers and Madressah administrators. It is aimed to manage MUS online education services efficiently and professionally. An independent deployment of this system is also available for local Madressah/centres/mosques to benefit from it. Contact us to become an affiliate and use this service for your own institute.


MUS Madressah Portal is a project of Majlis e Ulama e Shia (Europe), the largest organization of Shia Scholars and Communities in Europe. This platform has been developed upon request of various religious centres / madressahs. Almost all mosques/centres offer children and adult courses, Quran study groups and maintaining a record of teachers, students, attendance etc has been a challenge for many. We hope that this humble effort not only offers a web based portal for the MUS education department but it also meets the needs of our affiliated religious centres.


You will need to register for your child or yourself through online registration before a course starts. The courses we offer are free or there is a small fee to cover admin work and teachers’ fee. You can enrol your child to local madressa teaching our syllabus by contacting them directly.
The MUS curriculum is carefully developed with the aim to educate in four main areas of Deen; Fiqh, Aqaid, Akhlaq and History. Each area of the religious education is aided with interactive graphic learning as well as interesting factual stories of the Prophets and Ahlulbayt (a.s) or from Quran.
MUS courses are offered by qualified/experienced teachers and well-known ulama. The MUS teacher training programme which it regularly conducts through experts focuses on how to enhance a child’s interest and participation in learning. Certificate is awarded to teachers who successfully complete courses.
MUS organise annual examinations for children who complete syllabus books in their local centres or through MUS online classes. The sit in or online exams are usually in the first week of July every year. Certificates are awarded to successful candidates and special awards to the top scorers during the Annual award ceremony.




MUS has been providing its outstanding services to the community in the field of education and has acheived major milestones


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All MUS teachers are highly skilled and qualified in their relevant fields and bring a great deal of experience with them. Here's a glimpse of what some of our teachers backgrounds look like.