MUS Madressah Portal

MUS Madressah Portal is a web based digital madressah management system which offers multifold benefits for administration, management, teachers and learners. Its modular design offers function and features including but not limited to:

  • Students Admissions, 

  • Fee & Expense Management,

  • Assigning Teachers and Subjects to a class,

  • Record Students and Teachers Attendance,

  • Assign homework and Assessment,

  • Examination,

  • Promote students to next class,

  • Email, SMS and Notification Board,

  • Separate Teachers, Parents & Students Login

  • Integration of Zoom and Google Meet to organize online classes

  • Hostel and Transport management

  • Students card and certificate generation

  • and a lot moreā€¦

It's simple, web-based technologies help improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with managing madressah registration, budgeting, fund accounting, fundraising and more. Online madressah management solution streamlines madressah registration with automatic back-office administration, campus recreation and intramurals, facilities, student data, accounting, website content management and enables institutions to focus on teaching and enriching the lives of students.

MUS Online Classes

MUS is pleased to announce term based classes for children 5-16 years to teach MUS Syllabus Books 1 to 7 and Arabic language for children. The classes are delivered through Zoom by experienced teachers. Parents feedback is taken regularly and updates are provided during the term which is concluded by an exam.

Overview of our books contents can be found at:

MUS Books 1-7 overview


Examination Board

MUS Examination Board was launched in 2015. Number of students who have appeared in our exams are above 3000. 35 Islamic Centres have participated since the 2015 launch of MUS Exams. In 2020, candidates from the UK & Europe will participate during online examinations. Annual exam is a sit-in exam (except for 2020 when online exams were conducted due to pandemic) and students from all over the country register and participate. Certificate is awarded to all the successful candidates. Annual award ceremony is also organized where the president of MUS handover prizes to the top students along with certificates.


Madressah Teacher's Training

We offer 4 courses of Madressah Teachers which may be attended in any order. A certificate is awarded a completion of each course.

*****Course 1*****

1- Indepth MUS curriculum overview

2- Creative Teaching methods

3- What are children supposed to know at different ages

4- MUS Madressa Education initiative and support available

*****Course 2*****

1- Creating a positive learning environment by

2- Managing student behaviour

3- The basics of Fiqh and Akhlaq

4- Qualities of a good teacher

*****Course 3*****

1- Activities to aid learning

2- Methods of Assessments

3- The basics of Aqaid and History

4- Importance of Parent, Teacher, Student, Friends relationship

*****Course 4*****

1- Education Quality Management

2- Teaching preparation techniques

3- Adopting islam as a way of life

4- Masressa teaching challenges and solutions